What are the Advantages of Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mowers?

Advantages of ZTR Mowers

What are the Advantages of Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mowers?

• They are faster ~ an average ZTR does 10 mph.

• They are easier to maneuver around obstacles and turning around.

• This easy handling decreases the chance of accidentally leaving unseemly ruts.

What mowers come in zero turn?

• Walk behinds, riding mowers, and surfers.

• They come in different widths.

How do they steer?

• There are two levers in front like an airplane steering. Each lever controls one back wheel independently.

• This gives you the ability to zero turn.

How long do they last?

• When properly maintained, a ZTR mower lasts about 3,000 hours.

• So don’t forget…fuel stabilizer over the winter, fresh fuel, air filters, and spark plugs.

What is the cost?

• For a new one, the cost ranges from $2500 to $15,000.

• Major brands, such as Exmark, Scag, and Toro, hold their resale value.

Walk Behind Mowers

• Walk behind commercial lawn mowers are a great choice for hilly properties that you wouldn’t want to risk flipping a rider mower.

• If the ground is soft, the machine is lighter and won’t sink in.

• They are very fast, productive, self-propelled and can trailer a sulky or velkie (a wheel the operator stands on—like surfing or water skiing.)

• Most brands come in a variety of widths and prices range between $2.500-5,000.

• Compare the top walk behinds

Stand-On Surfer Mowers

• Stand-on surfer mowers are fast and maneuverable in tight spaces.

• Their spring-loaded platform makes hitting bumps easy on the knees and back.

• Surfer commercial lawn mowers are safer on hills because you can jump off if you are unsteady.

• Price range is $4,000-6,000.




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