Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Why Winter Commercial Lawn Mower Maintenance Matters

To provide your customers with quality lawn care services, you must keep your equipment well maintained. Commercial law mower maintenance keeps your mower clean, in great condition, and running efficiently season after season. Since winter is slower for lawn care companies, it’s the perfect time to prepare the mower for spring.  

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Commercial Lawn Mower Maintenance Extends Its Lifespan

All mowers endure their fair share of wear and tear, and commercial mowers are certainly no exception. While mowers don’t last forever, you shouldn’t have to shell out money every few years for a new one. 

If you’ve been in this cycle, you’re losing money. The good news is that with regular maintenance, it’s possible to get ten years or more out of your mower. 

Save Money On Commercial Lawn Mower Repair

Neglecting maintenance services puts your business at risk of not being there for your customers. Even if you have a fleet of lawnmowers, all it takes is for one mower to be out of service to affect your business’s productivity and bottom line. When you get delayed cutting customers’ lawns because the mower is in the shop, you lose money in two ways. 

First, you’re spending money on repairs that could’ve been avoided. Replacing a motor is much more expensive than having the oil changed, the carburetor cleaned, or the air filter replaced during a maintenance service.

The other way you lose money is from lost business. You can’t bill your customers for services not performed. If this happens often, customers might decide to take their business elsewhere. Customers’ lawns can’t wait days or weeks to get cut. 

Commercial Mower Maintenance Keeps You in Business

There’s no good excuse not to invest in professional mower maintenance. It’s cheaper than making repairs or replacing commercial equipment, and it ensures that you always show up for your customers. 

Services performed during routine commercial mower maintenance include: 

  • Emptying the fuel tank and refilling it with fresh gas
  • Changing the oil
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • Cleaning the undercarriage
  • Sharpening the blades
  • Replacing bad tires

When having your commercial lawn equipment serviced, you want to take it to professionals who have experience working your mower’s model. Each manufacturer has different recommendations for servicing to deliver high-quality results and protect the mower’s engine and its components.

Winter Tune-up Special

Stay on Top of Mower Maintenance During Peak Times

Winter maintenance specials like the ones provided by Suburban Lawn Equipment make it convenient and affordable to prepare your commercial mower for spring, but don’t forget to keep on top of maintenance throughout the mowing season. Commercial lawn mower maintenance is something that should happen in-season too. Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and safety services vary depending on the mower. 

Refer to your mower’s owner’s manual, or better yet, trust the professionals to make sure your equipment gets the tune-ups it needs according to schedule. Staying on top of maintenance is good for business and keeps your business on track to profit more this year. 

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