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Why It’s Important to Service Your Snowplow in the Fall

Fall is here! As the leaves start to change, it’s easy to forget about the impending winter storms. But if you own a snow plow or rely on one to keep your property or business accessible during the snowy months, now is the time to act. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of servicing your snowplow in the fall and provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure you’re ready for the white stuff that’s just around the corner.

Fall is the ideal time for maintenance 

Why should you service your snowplow in the fall, you ask? Well, timing is everything. Fall is the perfect season for this task. Waiting until the snow is falling and temperatures plummet is a recipe for stress and potential disaster. Here’s why:

  • Snowplow servicing in the fall allows you to catch and address issues before they become major problems during winter operations.
  • It ensures your snow plow is in peak condition when you need it most, reducing the chances of breakdowns during heavy snowfall.
  • It’s often more cost-effective to address maintenance and repairs in the fall than to deal with expensive emergency repairs in the middle of a winter storm.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Snowplow

Your snowplow is an essential tool for winter snow removal. To keep it running smoothly season after season, you must perform preventative maintenance. Here are some key components to inspect and maintain:

  • Plow Blade: Clean and inspect it for damage. A well-maintained blade cuts through snow more efficiently.
  • Moving Parts: Check and lubricate all moving parts, such as hinges and pins, to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic System: Test and replace hydraulic fluids if necessary to maintain optimal performance.
  • Electrical System: Inspect and replace worn-out wiring to ensure your lights and controls work reliably.
  • Hoses: Check hydraulic hoses for leaks and wear, addressing any issues promptly.
  • Cutting Edge: Examine the cutting edge and replace it if it’s worn down to maintain effectiveness
  • Lift Frame: Lubricate the lift frame and pivot points to prevent rust and ensure smooth lifting.
  • Winch and Lift Mechanisms: Test and service these critical components to avoid breakdowns.
  • Safety Features: Verify that all safety features and lights are functioning correctly.
  • Frame and Mounting Hardware: Inspect the plow’s frame and mounting hardware for integrity.
  • Tires: Ensure tires are properly inflated to provide stability and traction.
  • Salt Spreader (if applicable): Clean and inspect it for winter readiness.


Servicing your snowplow in the fall isn’t just a good idea; it’s a proactive measure that can save you time, money, and stress during the winter months. By following our checklist for fall snow plow maintenance, you’ll ensure that your plow is in peak condition, ready to tackle whatever winter throws your way. Don’t wait until the first snowfall; schedule your maintenance now and enjoy a worry-free winter season.

For additional tips and resources on snowplow maintenance, get in touch with Suburban Lawn Equipment today. Together, we can prepare for a winter wonderland and keep our properties safe and accessible.

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