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Authorized Servicing STIHL Dealer Delaware

STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment Out of the Box!

STIHL outdoor power equipment is used by ‘Real People’ and many are passed down from generation to generation, that’s how tough a STIHL is. Check out this video on why Kay Kamish is one of many ‘STIHL People’.

STIHL has been making chainsaws in one form or another for over 80 years. AND STIHL is the only gasoline-powered chainsaw on the planet that designs and manufactures its own chainsaws.

STIHL can NOT be bought at big  box stores, all STIHL products are sold through a network of servicing power equipment retailers throughout the country. That makes buying a STIHL product more personal and gives the buyer more power. They can test out the equipment before they buy, ask questions in order to get the right STIHL product for the job AND have a place to get their STIHL product serviced throughout its lifetime.

Authorized Servicing STIHL Dealer Delaware

Authorized Servicing STIHL Dealer Delaware

Anyone who has ever bought their outdoor power equipment from a big box store can tell you that when they have a problem or need service, they are out of luck. This can be frustrating and leave them with a bad impression of the brand they bought. STIHL is not only serious about their outdoor power equipment, they are serious about their reputation management … THAT folks is why you can’t buy STIHL products at a BOX STORE!!

Suburban Lawn Equipment is NOT a Big Box Store. We are an authorized servicing STIHL Dealer. Stop by to see our full line of STIHL outdoor power equipment. We will not hand you a box that you have to assemble yourself. We will hand you a fully gassed and primed STIHL product.**

**All units are set up and inspected by factory authorized technicians. We register all warranty information and will assist you in loading your equipment into your vehicles at no extra charge. 

Suburban Lawn Equipment | 1950 W. Newport Pike Wilmington, DE 19804 |302-475-4300

STIHL MS 271 - Farm Boss

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a STIHL Chainsaw

STIHL Farm Boss MS 271

Are you in the market for a chainsaw? Buy a chainsaw that is passed from generation to generation. Buy a STIHL chainsaw.

Here are 10 Great Reasons to Buy a STIHL Chainsaw:

  1. STIHL has been making chain saws in one form or another for over 80 years.
  2. STIHL employs a variety of technologies to meet and exceed EPA and CARB requirements while meeting the needs of its customers.
  3. As STIHL leads the charge in developing cleaner engines, they also lead the way in minimizing environmental impact by offering non-petroleum based oils and lubricants.
  4. STIHL is committed to developing powerful, fuel-ef­ficient outdoor power equipment while using environmentally responsible production practices.
  5. STIHL products are sold through a network of over 8,000 servicing power equipment retailers from coast to coast — NOT mass merchants.
  6. The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) honored the STIHL Inc. Virginia Beach, VA facility with the 2013 Manufacturing Excellence Award at its “Excellence Inside” Conference in the fall of 2013.
  7. STIHL Incorporated has qualified for ISO 9001 and 14001 Registration. This means that STIHL Incorporated meets the rigid manufacturing and quality standards set by the International Standards Organization.
  8. STIHL is the only gasoline-powered chainsaw manufacturer on the planet to design and produce its own saw chains. After all, the number one selling brand of chainsaw in the world deserves a chain that matches its quality and dependability.
  9. The STIHL company’s innovations include the gearless saw, the anti-vibration system, electronic ignition, self-lubricating saw chains, chain brakes and many more.
  10. Never satisfied with success, STIHL is always working to improve product performance.

“It’s amazing how clean the air filter on a STIHL chainsaw stays. It seems that the company lavished attention on every square inch of the saw, from the crisply activated chain brake to the plastic retainer straps on the oil and gas caps to the caps themselves, which lock with a half-turn.”  — Popular Mechanic

Stop by Suburban Lawn Equipment for STIHL product demonstrations. If you are not sure which STIHL product is right for your needs, we will assist you. As always, we want you to have the right STIHL tool for the right job!

Suburban Lawn Equipment | 1950 W. Newport Pike Wilmington, DE 19804 |302-475-4300

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STIHL Farm Boss MS 271 Reviews

STIHL Farm Boss MS 271 Reviews