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See What Our STIHL Customers Are Saying About Us!

Suburban Lawn Equipment of Delaware is proud to be an Authorized STIHL Dealer and we are honored having the opportunity to be a retailer of the STIHL product line. Suburban Lawn Equipment provides many services that the big box chain stores cannot match. We are confident that our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be ready to help you select the equipment that meets your specific lawn care needs. From the quality of our dedicated staff to the quality of the STIHL line of products, Delaware’s best commercial and residential lawn equipment providers have what STIHL customers need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our lawn equipment business has received many nice reviews throughout the years as an authorized STIHL dealer! We want to take the time and acknowledge our loyal customers for supporting our independent retail store! Watch the video below showcasing a few of our customers’ positive reviews about our superior service as a local independent STIHL dealer! Make sure to check out all of our reviews.

See What Our STIHL Customers Are Saying

In support of independent retail stores across the country, STIHL is a proud sponsor of Independent We Stand – a nationwide movement supporting independently owned businesses and the role they serve in local economies. You can continue to support the cause by shopping at your area’s locally owned businesses, including your neighborhood independent STIHL Dealer.

From all of us at Suburban Lawn Equipment, Thank you for all the positive feedback! Keep supporting your local independent retailer!

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