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5 Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Honda Generator

5 Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Honda Generator

Don’t be left out in the dark this summer! The best time to purchase a Honda Generator is before an emergency strike. Owning a portable generator during a power outage really feels like having a best friend by your side.

At Suburban Lawn Equipment in Delaware, we don’t just sell outdoor power equipment. We also service it and pass on the necessary knowledge in order to encourage all customers to understand how to properly use the Honda Generator. Please read below for 5 safety tips to remember when using a Honda Generator.

5 Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Honda Generator

  1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before using a Honda Generator, it is important to read the manual to avoid hazardous situations and guarantee the proper use of the generator.
  2. Do NOT use a generator inside your home or business. Generators emit carbon monoxide (CO), which can be deadly if used in your home, business, or small areas (basements, garages). It would be ideal to install a battery-operated CO alarm inside your home or business as an extra precaution from toxins.
  3. Utilize a heavy-duty extension cord. Make sure to never use an extension cord with visible wires. Heavy-duty extension cords that are specifically used for the outdoors are recommended.
  4. Avoid using Honda Generator in the rain. When used in the rain, there is a risk of shock or electrocution. We recommend waiting for the rain to pass before using your Honda Generator. If you cannot wait, it is crucial that you shield the Honda Generator from moisture.
  5. Turn off Honda Generator before refueling. It’s important to let your portable generator cool down before refueling. If gasoline or any other flammable liquid is spilled onto a hot surface, this could cause a fire.

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Should you have more questions or any concerns regarding which Honda Generator might best suit your needs or how to use such outdoor power equipment, contact us today.

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