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Tips for Storing Your Lawn Mower Before Winter

As the leaves fall, the temperatures drop, and the first snowflakes appear, it’s a clear sign that winter is on its way. Just like your gardening routine changes with the seasons, so should your lawn mower care regimen. Properly storing your lawn mower for the winter can ensure it’s ready to spring back into action when the warmer days return. In this blog, we’ll provide you with essential tips for winter storage that will keep your mower in great shape and extend its lifespan.

 Pre-Winter Maintenance

1. Clean Your Mower

Before storing your lawn mower for the winter, ensure it is clean. Remove grass clippings, dirt, and other debris from the mower deck and other components. This prevents moisture from getting trapped, which can lead to rust or corrosion. 

2. Change the Oil

Changing the oil before winter storage is a smart move. Old oil contains contaminants that can damage the engine. Drain the old oil completely and replace it with fresh oil. Remember to dispose of the old oil responsibly.

3. Check the Spark Plug and Air Filter

It’s advisable to check the spark plug and air filter before putting your mower into storage. If they are worn out or dirty, consider replacing them. A fresh spark plug and clean air filter will ensure your mower starts easily in the spring.

4. Sharpen the Blades

Sharpening the blades is also an essential step in preparing your lawn mower for winter storage. Sharp blades cut grass more efficiently, which promotes healthier growth in the spring.

Winter Storage Tips

1. Store Your Mower in a Dry, Sheltered Location

Choose a dry, sheltered location to store your lawn mower during the winter months. This will protect it from the elements and prevent rust or other damage. If you don’t have a suitable indoor location, consider investing in a weatherproof cover.

2. Fill Up the Gas Tank or Drain It Completely

There are two schools of thought on storing a lawn mower with a full or empty gas tank. Some experts recommend filling the tank and adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from going stale. Others suggest draining the gas completely to prevent any chance of moisture buildup. Either way, it’s crucial to prevent old gas from sitting in your mower all winter.

3. Remove the Battery

If your lawnmower has a battery, consider removing it for winter storage. Store the battery in a cool, dry place to prevent it from losing charge. Remember to charge it fully before reinstalling it in the spring.


Proper lawn mower care in cold weather is essential for maintaining the longevity and performance of your equipment. By following these tips for winter storage, you can ensure that your mower is ready to go when the grass starts growing again. Remember that preparation is key – taking the time to properly store your mower in the winter will save you time, money, and frustration in the spring.

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