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Take Advantage of Our Pre-Season Lawn Mower Tune-Up Service Special!

Don’t let Spring be a pain in the grass! Bring in your equipment to Suburban Lawn & Equipment for a Pre-Season Lawn Mower Tune-Up and receive 10% off of your repair cost, or take advantage of our discounted pick-up and delivery!

Want to learn more about lawn mower winter maintenance? Make sure to read this post – our service experts are sharing great tips to give your lawn mowers a bit of love this season. If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of the outdoor power equipment on your own, we’re here for you! Please see below for our current lawn mower tune-up service prices. But hurry up! The offer ends on January 31st, 2021!

Pre-Season Lawn Mower Tune-Up Special:

Lawnmowers starting at $69.99

Wide Cut Mowers starting at $129.99

Riding Mowers starting at $189.99

Residential ZTR’s starting at $199.99

Commercial Walk-behinds starting at $199.99

Commercial ZTR’s starting at $299.99

(Service parts are an additional cost. Shop fees apply to all repairs)

Please note:

We have a contact-free alternative for anyone who wishes to not come into the store by offering parking lot pick up of all items and services. Please call us with your needs and we will bring it out to your vehicle. Larger items can be delivered at a minimal cost. Call us at 302-998-7700 for more information.

Our staff is taking extra measures to make sure all common contact areas of our store are kept clean and sanitized. Please help us by keeping an extra distance from other customers while in the store.

Suburban Lawn Equipment has been providing first class service to the outdoor power equipment industry since 1981. Excellent products and outstanding before-and-after-sales service has earned us a stellar reputation. We’re happy to service anything we sell. Bring your zero turn lawn mowers, walk behind lawn mowers, lawn tractors, riding lawn mowers, etc. to us any time you need a tune-up or maintenance and repairs.

Our technicians are certified by the Equipment & Engine Training Center (EETC) and stay current by attending all sales and service seminars offered by our manufacturers. For our customers this means experienced trouble shooting and flawless work with no room for complaints.


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Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance Tips

As the seasons change and the snow begins to fall, it’s time for lawn mower winter maintenance. With a little post-season preparation, your lawn mower will feel brand new when spring comes back around.

You should always store your lawn mower in a cool/dry area, and make sure you cover the mower to prevent wear and tear. But before you cover, you should follow these basic tips below to ensure proper winterization of your lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Winter Maintenance Tips

  1. Empty the fuel tank. If you let the gas sit in the fuel tank for an extended period of time, this could cause a clog in the carburetor. We suggest that you run the engine until the gas tank is completely empty.
  2. Replace the oil. Frequently changing the oil within your lawn mower will ensure a longer life sentence. Be sure to use the suggested amount of oil provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Charge the battery. During the winter months, it’s important to charge the battery every so often to prevent battery failure.
  4. Clean the mower deck. As an effort to prevent any rust from forming, you should always clean underneath the mower deck to remove any grass clippings.
  5. Sharpen the blades. It’s better to do this ahead of time, that way when spring comes you are ready to mow!

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